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    What Colleagues say:

    "Janet takes a proactive approach to helping parents improve their parenting and communication skills and create a better life for their loved ones. I gladly refer clients to her who always benefit from her abilities as one of San Antonio’s premier Parent Coaches and her extensive knowledge of the powerful Love and

    Logic parenting concepts.”


    Stephanie Ellis Ecke,

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    “Let the transformation begin!”


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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “As a business owner, wife and mother of two, I often felt pulled in many directions. Janet was sincere and empathetic in her approach to benefit our family. She especially helped me organize family schedules and work schedules in order not to become overwhelmed. She also coached me to take a “Time-Out” from family or work situations that may be causing stress. Janet helps clients set goals and tasks to do and holds them accountable for the follow-through. Her peaceful approach and calmness truly help de-escalate emotional situations and feelings of being overwhelmed.”


    -Cathy, Business owner and Mother of 2


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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “Janet has the skills, patience and knowledge to address any parent’s situation. She will help you achieve your goals if you are willing to take part in the process.”


    Janette, Teacher, Mother of three



    Feedback from various talks and workshops:


    “Many new insights!”

    “Very appropriate and timely presentation”

    “We all need to hear this message…”

    “Teens and young people need to hear this presentation. Parents with children at home need to hear it, too!”

    “…helped me to prioritize, simplify, declutter, and value my time …”

    “I loved this class! I am inspired!”

    “..Very motivating!”


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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “Janet, moves individuals through a conversation focusing on their needs and creates a safe haven for them to look at the various pathways and support them in the process of discovery, and action. She guides, supports and encourages all along the way, delighting in the discovery and the development of each individual. She truly enhances the ability of individuals and families to create harmonious and purposeful lives to live out loud.


    Janet uses great visual story pictures to help an individual see ‘the forest despite the trees’. She walked me through a ‘potter at his wheel vitalization’ that ‘stopped me in my tracks’ and shifted my thoughts and actions to positive results instead of the same old actions and the same old results. She definitely helped me fine-tune my team participation skills.”


    — A. Woodrow, a parent & grandparent


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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    "...I have difficulty with organizing certain parts of my life. I now have 5 young children and I am working part time. My oldest kids are involved in different activities and my husband and I have activities of our own. Needless to say my time is precious and I needed help to establish some habits to better utilize my time.There was a wealth of information and some really neat ideas that she incorporated into our meeting time."


    Amy, Veterinarian, Wife, Mother of 5


    "...I now take thought in what I am exchanging my life energy for and attempt to focus on my priorities. I am much less pressured to do things because that’s the way we’ve always done it (or our parents did it) or because society dictates it."


    Paula, Nurse, Wife, Mother of 5

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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “As parents of three children, we were desperate to find our eldest son help for some self-esteem and fear issues. Our prayer was that we would find a Christian Life Coach who could pour Truth into Chris and help him become more confident. We were so comforted by Janet’s strong faith and the knowledge that she is a parent of three children similar to ours in age.


    Through phone calls and sessions with us, Janet mentored, coached, encouraged, and most importantly, prayed with us. Today, Chris is doing much better. Recently he told us, ‘Janet challenged me to try new things…which helped me to break out of my shell.'”


    -Joe and Dianne, Satisfied Clients


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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “I hired Janet because of her engineering background and systems approach to coaching.
    The main value of the coaching was helping me to stay focused on what I was trying to achieve in my transition. Probably the main part of what I got out of our coaching sessions was to recognize that I need to be asking myself questions about the importance of what I am doing and to forget about some of the details which do not contribute much.”


    Greg, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

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    Satisfied Clients Share:

    “I have had the pleasure of being coached by Janet and want to express the gentle, but powerful spirit that she brings as a coach. Her questions are courageous and her insight and perspective are sharp. I left the sessions with such peace and she identified and put into words things that I had been struggling with for months. We prayed before the sessions, and we experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend Janet as a coach. If you need someone to come alongside and help you sort out life issues, find purpose , move away from stress and anxiety, move toward your dreams…WHATEVER! Don’t wait. Call Janet now!”


    Pam P., Christian Business Owner