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    Do any of these sound familiar?

    • You are frequently overwhelmed and stressed
    • Shortcuts and crisis management leave you feeling drained
    • You’re tired of being the referee of frequent sibling spats
    • You feel helpless as you watch your kids struggle in school or social situations
    • You’re getting tired of debating your spouse about discipline issues
    • You are worried you haven't prepared your older children to succeed in today's world

    I’m a Family Growth and Parent Coach Janet Bonnin and I know what you’re going through. On these pages are the secrets to get your family back on track so you can make your life more fulfilling on so many levels.

    Be the best family with coaching


    • Your family is more resilient, facing all obstacles with a sense of adventure instead of dread
    • Your kids communicate with you on a more personal level, getting your advice, input and guidance instead of shutting you out
    • You have more time to take care of yourself and your desires
    • You, your spouse and your kids are a team, having fun at every turn instead of dealing with all the drama
    • You are taking the "long view" in preparing your kids for success as adults
    • You are “in the zone” at work as you strike the ideal balance on a daily basis thanks to the harmony at home
    Fine Tuned Families Family Growth Coach

    It all starts with Mindfulness

    As parents, you and I are some of the busiest people in the world. We often face challenges that cause much stress in ourselves, in our families, and in our work. If you learn to bring a bird’s eye view to these challenges, you can make mindful choices that bring positive, lasting change.

    When you bring a sense of mindfulness to everything you do, you begin to see things in a whole new way. You then become a role model to inspire your family members to embrace mindful living.

    Your Family Growth Coach

    I invite you to click around and learn all the ways you can:

    • Practice unconditional love and support of each other
    • Strengthen your parenting skills
    • Improve family communication
    • Help your kids learn to think for themselves
    • Create resiliency in all family members
    • Foster a lifelong passion for learning and inner growth

    I know how to get you there, and together we can make it happen!



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  • FAQ

    Below are some questions new clients frequently ask. Feel free to e-mail me if you have another question. I am also happy to provide a complimentary 30-minute session to help you consider the coaching process and to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

    Life and Family growth coaching

    What is Life Coaching?

    Life coaches know that you, the client, are a whole, creative and resourceful person. As a result, the process of coaching is completely client-driven. You decide what areas of life you want to work on improving. These could include parenting, spirituality, personal relationships, career aspirations, health and financial well-being, and long-term goals and dreams.

    As a Parent and Family Coach, I help you look at how to better raise your kids in today's challenging world. We team up to address short term challenges like helping your child deal with anger and frustration. We also look at longer term issues like helping your child learn skills he or she needs to be excel in his or her career. Together, we can help you focus on bringing the best you have to offer to your loved ones so you and your family can live richer, more meaningful lives.

    Family Growth Coach helps in many ways

    How does Life Coaching differ from Counseling?

    Counseling addresses past issues, including emotional and cognitive disorders. Life Coaching, including Parent and Family Coaching, focuses on what one does today and in the future. Coaching is an incredibly powerful process that encompasses goal-setting, action plans, and accountability. Therapists often work with an individual family member or the couple at the same time as referring the parents to me for Parent and / or Family Coaching.

    Stress needs a Family Growth Coach to help

    Who hires you?

    My clients are busy people who have a lot going on in their lives. They may be married or single, working or stay-at-home parents, but they usually feel stress from too little time and too many obligations and desire lasting change in some part of their lives.

    Be the best parent you can be with a Family Growth Coach

    Why do people hire you?

    Clients hire me because they have a gap between where they are and where they'd like to be in their lives or in their loved ones lives. They want to work on their parenting skills, learn to communicate more positively with their kids, address issues with one or more of their children, better balance their many important life roles, or just make more time for fun and relaxation.

    Your Family Growth Coach builds stronger relationships

    Who can benefit from coaching?

    People who want to lower stress, build stronger personal relationships, improve and grow your parenting skills, plan and implement a major life transition, and improve their overall sense of well-being would all benefit from coaching.

    Your Family Growth Coach grows bonds

    Do you work with people outside the San Antonio area?

    Yes! I love to coach via Skype, Zoom or phone in addition to in-person sessions. Coaching works well in all these formats.

    Both parents need your Family Growth Coach

    Do both parents need to participate for coaching to be of benefit to a family?

    While it is helpful to coach all persons in the family involved in raising children, many of my clients work individually with me. They find that they can still bring about positive change in their family.

    Privacy is a concern for Family Growth Coach

    How do I keep my information private in any group coaching setting?

    When we form a group, we’ll agree on some group guidelines and respect that we each share what we are comfortable sharing. As you get to know your fellow group members and discover how much you have in common, you’ll come to trust, support, and enjoy each other more.

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