• Conquer Your Latest

    Personal or Family Challenge in

    Three Easy Steps!

  • Which of these issues has you struggling?

    What specific steps will create better Work / Life balance and lower the stress in your life?

    How do you and your spouse stop fighting over the "right" way to parent your kids through the latest challenge?

    What does Self Care look like for you? How can you step up and do this in the New Year?

    How do you help your Teen address his or her own problems without over-parenting?

    What actions can you take to improve 

    communication & lessen conflict with loved ones?

    How often do you and your child have the "same" argument, hoping for different results? What can you do differently?

  • Get results NOW


    DASH Virtual Coaching©!

    DASH Virtual Coaching© with Family Coach Janet Bonnin

    helps when you need it most - right now!


    Using the DASH model (Define / Acknowledge / Steps / Habits) -- a simple format to help parents navigate ‘mindful parenting in the middle of it all’ using the coach approach.

    This powerful coaching process guides you to get clear on what is holding you back, identifies the steps needed to resolve issues, and offers the support and accountability to take action. You will identify positive solutions to move your loved ones from surviving to thriving!


    DASH Virtual Coaching© helps you:

    • Practice better self care to better care for those you love
    • Lower anxiety and better balance your many roles in life
    • Create a more connected and supportive relationship with your spouse or partner
    • Develop more vital and meaningful family conversations, with a “we can do this” attitude
    • Teach your kids to handle their own issues
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    Give your loved ones DASH Virtual Coaching today!

  • Your DASH Coaching Package Includes:

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    Snapshot Assessment

    Easy Check Up


    A Snapshot Assessment to gauge where you and your loved ones are in key life areas and to identify the issue you most want to address.

    • Hone in on the most pressing family needs
    • Clarify the issue that is most challenging for your loved ones
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    2 Powerful

    Coaching Sessions

    Move from Struggle to Success

    2 - 60 minute Video or Phone Coaching Sessions to help you move from struggle to success.

    • Get a fresh set of wise eyes to guide you and your family
    • Identify tools and processes that give you a renewed sense of relationship strength
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    Exit Action Plan

    Identify your "next steps"


    Exit Action Plan you design with Family Coach Janet Bonnin

    • Realize confidence and clarity on the issues you will address next
    • Identify steps specifically designed to move your family forward on their challenges
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    2 Great Bonuses

    Order now to get these:


    Bonus #1

    The Family Abilities Builder! This easy to use tool helps you track the key skills, abilities and best environment so your kids can thrive and develop into young adults who are happy, healthy, resilient, and successful.


    Bonus #2

    The Great Conversation Starters Tip Sheet! Carry this card with you to easily encourage your kids to open up and really share what is going on in their lives.

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    Give your loved ones DASH Virtual Coaching today!

  • Look at what others are saying:

    Testimonials from satisfied clients

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    A single mom and business owner shares:

    In just two DASH Coaching sessions with Janet as my guide, her skills have turned my life around 180 degrees. I now have an organized plan and goals for my personal life and business. I am already reaping the rewards of these changes. I would highly recommend Janet to people who need perspective and a fresh vision for their lives.”


    Single Mother and Business Owner

    Zen Skin Spa of San Antonio, Texas

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    A teacher and mother of 3 shares:

    “Janet has the skills, patience and knowledge to address any parent’s situation. She will help you achieve your goals if you are willing to take part in the process.”


    Teacher, Wife, Mother of 3

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    A mother of 5 and career woman shares:

    "...I now take thought in what I am exchanging my life energy for and attempt to focus on my priorities. I am much less pressured to do things because that’s the way we’ve always done it (or our parents did it) or because society dictates it."


    Nurse, Wife, Mother of 5


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    DASH Virtual Coaching is the Gift that keeps on Giving!