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  • Grow Family Connections One Experience at a Time

    Use this tool to grow healthier family communication habits.

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    One Syllable Grunts?

    Tired of your tween / teen using single syllables?

    Use this tool and create a moment for you to share freely. Add in something out of the ordinary-- root beer floats or a box of movie candy and let the chatting and connecting begin!

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    Time With Dad

    Start a Father's Day tradition that keeps on giving

    Want to plan a Father’s Day experience that will be easy, can be low/no cost, and one for the memory books? It is as simple as this: children spending focused, unplugged time with their dad is important. Download this tool, and have your kids brainstorm "Dad / Child" date ideas.

    (Hint: There can be more than one date!)

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    Great Conversations

    Building connections in the family

    Meaningful conversations between parents and children are essential to building deeper connections in the family. And some days, it is hard to get the conversation going. Download this free tool today and keep it handy to ignite engaging, enjoyable chats.

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